Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

This time of the year I am often asked if I believe it is a good time to be selling a house or if it is a good time to be buying a house.  The short answer to both is yes, but the long answer is that it truly depends.

If we phone to set up a showing on an owner occupied house over the Christmas holidays, it is probably a bit of an inconvenience to the sellers.  Thus, we can assume that any seller who lets us have a look at their property this time of the year is at least serious and motivated to sell.  The same can be said for buyers.  Any buyer who is willing to spend the holidays out looking at homes, is also probably pretty serious about buying.  With the cold weather, only the most serious and motivated remain active in the real estate market.


So in summary, yes in the winter months when the weather is terrible we have many less buyers and often less sellers who make their home available for showings.  However, the few that remain on the market and in the market shopping for a house are by far the most motivated and serious participants there could be.  This is why I like to work in December and January, while many others are off on a beach someplace or taking their annual holidays, I find that this time of year is the most fantastic for connecting serious home buyers with serious sellers, and closing real estate transactions.

If you want someone who works more than full time at getting your real estate transaction handled, lets get together this winter and have a chat.

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