Is There a Chinese Realtor in Lethbridge

Is There a Chinese Realtor in Lethbridge

jmȀ�Today I received an email from a potential new client who was wondering if there was a Chinese REALTOR in Lethbridge who could speak Chinese.  Now I am not sure if they were looking for a Mandarin or a Cantonese real estate person, but it was the first time I have had that question asked of me.


I do not speak Chinese, but I have been to China several times and do business in China on a regular basis for the past 5 years.  I love it.  Doing business with Chinese factories and businessmen is a real challenge and very interesting.  My 5 years of experience buying and selling, interacting with Chinese factories, with agents, with brokers, has all really helped me gain a good understanding of how different the business culture can be.  I can help you too.


I welcome any Chinese speaking clients who are looking to purchase real estate or invest in land or houses in Alberta to contact me.  Contact me by email and then we can both use a simple translation program through Google so that we have no communication problems.  Or alternately, I have 3 assistants who all speak different languages here in Lethbirdge, one who speaks Chinese, one who speaks Portugese, and one who speaks Spanish.  With these helpers I can easily assist you with all your real estate needs in Alberta.


Now is a great time to purchase rental property, farm land, agricultural properies, apartment buildings, and commercial properties.  Compared to the market in cities like Vancouver or Kelowna, or even Calgary, you will find that Southern Alberta and Lethbridge in particular is a much better investment.  Feel free to contact me even if you do not speak English and I will help you so that you can do business in the language which you are most comfortable.


Robert May 403-330-3039

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