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Merry Christmas

This time of the year I am often asked if I believe it is a good time to be selling a house or if it is a good time to be buying a house.  The short answer to both is yes, but the long answer is that it truly depends. If we phone to set up a showing on an owner occupied house over the Christmas holidays, it is probably a bit of an inconvenienc ...

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Lethbridge Real Estate Basement Suites

One of the most popular lethbridge real estate investments is to purchase a single family home that has a suite in the basement.  These types of properties can either be used as pure revenue properties which generate 2 suites of income or quite often the owner lives in one suite and rents out the other and uses that income to offset the mortg ...

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Do You Want to View Lethbridge Real Estate Today

Occassionally I get phone calls from clients who ask if they can view lethbridge real estate on short notice.  Sometimes they call because they drove past a sign on the front yard of a home that interested them, other times they came across an advertisement either online or in a real estate publication that sounds "too good to be true" and the ...

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Lethbridge MLS

Lethbridge MLS is a reference to the "Multiple Listing Service" which is owned and operated by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) .  Basically, it is a database website to which real estate agents who are members of CREA can submit their property listings and then those listings are made available publicly online and also shared with ...

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Lethbridge Property Management Managers

One subject matter that many people ask me about is property management in Lethbridge.  This refers to the people who basically babysit and maintain the rental properties of others.  Sometimes these properties are investment properties or income properties, sometimes they are just properties which are owned by an absentee owner who wants ...

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