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Is There a Chinese Realtor in Lethbridge

jmȀ�Today I received an email from a potential new client who was wondering if there was a Chinese REALTOR in Lethbridge who could speak Chinese.  Now I am not sure if they were looking for a Mandarin or a Cantonese real estate person, but it was the first time I have had that question asked of me.   I do not speak Chinese, but I have ...

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Lethbridge Real Estate Foreclosure What to do

Lethbridge real estate foreclosure prevention - what to do about a foreclosure notice from a lawyer Due to a large variety of circumstances, many homeowners find themselves faced with financial difficulties or challenges in their lives which result in them missing their mortgage payments.  Of course this is hardly ever intentional, but it can ...

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Lethbridge Parade of Homes

Lethbridge Parade of homes is a week long event where the local new home builders in Lethbridge all work together to bring as many buyers and lookers out to view the new subdivisions and show off their new floor plans.  During this event the featured new houses are all staged with custom furnishing and decor, and are all staffed by salespeople ...

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Relocating To Lethbridge

As someone involved with Lethbridge real estate for over 2 decades, I have helped countless numbers of people relocate to our city or to assist them with their relocation out of Lethbridge.  For many of these customers, their story is the same.  Some are being send here by their employer, some come here looking for specific work, or to at ...

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