December 2015

Lethbridge MLS

Lethbridge MLS is a reference to the "Multiple Listing Service" which is owned and operated by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) .  Basically, it is a database website to which real estate agents who are members of CREA can submit their property listings and then those listings are made available publicly online and also shared with ...

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Lethbridge Property Management Managers

One subject matter that many people ask me about is property management in Lethbridge.  This refers to the people who basically babysit and maintain the rental properties of others.  Sometimes these properties are investment properties or income properties, sometimes they are just properties which are owned by an absentee owner who wants ...

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Are Household Needs and Desires Evolving

The homes that buyers are looking for have changed over the past 30 or 40 years.  There was a time that having a fomral dining room was high up on the list of what a Lethbridge home buyer was looking for in a home.  Nowdays, it seems that fewer and fewer people see that as a benefit and almost no buyers ever have that on their short list ...

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Lethbridge Real Estate Lawyers

Often time the first occasion the average person has to require the services of a Lethbridge lawyer is when they purchase their first home.  The lawyer they select to handle the house purchase might end up being their lawyer for life, so whomever they select or whichever law firm is sort of important.   In most residential real estate tra ...

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CMHC says Bigger Downpayments are Needed

The government of Canada through it's agency CMHC has decided that it wants new home purchasers to be required to have more downpayment when they buy a house.  Starting next spring the amount of money needed to buy a home over $500,000 will be 5% of the first $500k (which is $25k) and 10% of any amount above that, up to $1 million dollars. &nb ...

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