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If you need a map to search Lethbridge real estate listings, then you seriously need my help.


Let me help you find a good neighborhood in your price range.  Let me help you find a good deal on a home in that neighborhood.  Let me help you buy the right house at the right price.


People who are searching home by the map need some solid advice based upon decades of experience selling homes in and around the City of Lethbridge.  There are good and bad neighborhoods.  There are areas that have water problems, that have high crime rates, that have high density of low income rentals, that have future development issues, etc.  I have been inside, sold, evaluated, or viewed thousands of houses in Lethbridge.  There is a high probability that any house you are interested in buying, I have already been inside, evaluated, or perhaps even sold in the past.  There are houses in Lethbridge that I have sold up to 3 times in my 22 years in this real estate market!


Lets sit down and look at the map together.  Let me give you some direction of which areas you should be looking at, which areas you should be avoiding, and exactly why this is the case.  Don't waste your time with agent who have no clue what the last 20 years of real estate in this city has been like and what homeowners have experienced.  Choose an experienced and knowledgable agent.  We want to be that agent. 

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