My Listings

Updating this website with my most current listings takes a lot of time and effort.  I do update it when I can, but honestly I would rather be out helping a homeowner sell their house or helping a buyer find their dream home at a great price.   As a result, often this webpage is out of date.  Unlike the real estate agents who spend all day behind their screens posting pictures and glitzy tours trying to get you to sign up for their spammy email lists, I would rather be out helping people and actually selling Lethbridge houses.


I always have friends, clients, and investors who have properties which they would be willing to sell or are eager to sell but they are not interested in the drama and experience of listing it on the MLS.  Often times, these homes end up being the best deal on homes in Lethbridge real estate!


Most of the houses you see on the market and on other real estate agents websites are "old inventory"  Lots of them have been listed for months and months.  Some for years!  These are not good deals.  These are crappy houses that nobody wants to buy!  Yet many buyers spend hours browsing through these turds looking for a good deal.  Stop wasting your time!


I do not waste my time or money participating in the MLS.  I list my properties exclusively and sell them directly to qualified buyers.  This results in the best deal for the buyer and the seller in my opinion, and as a result I have an extensive list of satisfied and loyal clients.  If you are not on my list  of buyers and sellers, you are missing out on what I feel are the best deals on the entire Lethbridge real estate market.


There is a reason I don't have to waste my client's money doing ridiculous radio advertisements, open houses that look like a bloody circus, or shitty ads that nobody sees.  The difference is expertise and experience.  Call me when you are serious about real estate and I will help you get a deal that most others only ever hear about weeks too late.